How to Pick More Winners on the All Weather Horse Racing Track

how to pick horse racing winners

Right dear readers, this is something I have done for many Years and i’ll share it here. This isn’t a guaranteed system as there is no such thing!

The problem with betting on horse racing is the variables. So many things influence everything about the race, the horse has it’s own mind and if it doesn’t want to do something… it wont! The jockeys fitness, the going, the hurdles, the crowd, the wind, the rain, the snow, the sun, the cold, the heat, the list is very, very long.

To pick more winners you need to get rid of some of the variables, that’s just common sense but very few people do this.

By following the few rules below I have always gotten more winners, it’s a bit hit and miss and some days are much better than others. For instance you can get days when  just 1 horse fits the bill. Others where 10 do, but only 3 of those 10 win. But then they are the days when there are 4 or 5 and they all win, that’s what makes it worth doing, and what makes a profit at the end of each Week/Month/Year.

Please remember this isn’t a winning system, or tipping service. It’s simply what I do and it works for me! I’m not trying to sell you anything, or charge for tips like some do, I just thought I’d put this out there and see what people though.

This is pretty much a 3 step process that takes very little time to do each day.

Step 1 Grab a newspaper and narrow it down.

Pick up a newspaper and turn to the racing section. Ignore anything over jumps or hurdles, by doing this you are removing some of the variables, and that’s what we want.

Now your only looking at flat meeting, that’s better but with the ground changing constantly and wet spots, dry spots and deep hoof prints made lets rule that out too. So look for the all weather tracks.

UK All Weather Tracks we want to bet on:

  • Lingfield
  • Kempton
  • Chelmford
  • Southwell
  • Wolverhampton
  • Newcastle

The all weather track is pretty much the same all the time, this again removes a lot of variables and doubt about what the track is like. That makes complete sense to someone putting a bet on… if they are trying to win, and have given the whole thing a bit of though.

Step 2: Scan The Weights

Once you’re looking at the all weather tracks, scan the weights of each horse running in each race. What you want to is find the runners with extra weight on, you’ll see 6EX or 7EX beside the weight.

Not all newspapers have this laid out the same however so double check. The daily star although not in my opinion a good newspaper, does have an excellent layout for the race cards for each day, so i’d recommend that.

You will see that every horse running on the all weather that has weight added won it’s last race. This means that it won easily, and the handicapper is trying to level things up a bit by adding more weight to slow it down.

While this does work, it can take a few goes before the handicapper gets it right, we are taking advantage of the fact this horse is being penalized for being too fast, and 6lbs isn’t gonna do it first time every time!

Step 3: Decide what bet to place!

Some days there will be no runners that suit, others many. Personally I like to do lucky 15 bets and always have. If there is only 1 runner that ticks the above boxes i’ll still do a lucky 15 and pick 3 other good horses to make up the numbers.

The reason I do lucky 15 bets is because of the treble odds deal at betfred. If you get just 1 winner, your odds are trebled. get all 4 and you get 10% added. This makes complete sense to me as it’s an inexpensive bet to place, yet gives big wins when you get it right.

I’m sure many won’t agree with me here and like to back just to win and single bets, I however like to do lucky 15 bets and i’ll stay that way 🙂

Decide what bet to place based on the number of suitable horses for that day, place your bet and you are done!

Extra Decisions to make to pick a winning horse

Well you could look a lot further into this “system” but i rarely do nowadays. You could make sure the horses last race was over the same distance, that it’s won at the course already and much more. All these things are a good idea and narrow down the search for winners even more.

For me I just do the above and enjoy the races, and i do enjoy a higher than above number of 4 winners on Lucky 15 bets, and very rarely get no winners. That means with the treble odds deal I never really lose, which can only be a good thing. And when i do lose it’s minimal especially in comparison to the wins which are quite big.

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