Lucky 15 Explained, How Does a Lucky 15 Bet Work?

Welcome to the Lucky 15 explained page where we answer the age-old questions of how does a lucky 15 bet work?  In all honesty, it’s a huge favourite bet of mine personally. I place one without fail at least once a week while watching the horse racing.

A Lucky 15 is an affordable bet or a big bet depending on your budget. One thing is for sure, however – A Lucky 15 Can Net You BIG Rewards from a relatively small stake.

What is a lucky 15 bet?

  • A Lucky 15 is a Multiple bet using 4 selections
  • As The name suggests there are 15 bets in total
  • 4 x single bets
  • 6 x double bets
  • 4 x trebles
  • 1 x accumulator (4 fold)

Named “lucky 15” because it’s made up of 15 bets, and the lucky part from the fact high street bookmakers added bonuses for this bet for picking all 4 winners.

A lucky 15 bet is a very popular choice in the UK and thousands are placed each and every week. Stakes vary from 10p lucky 15’s to much higher £100 ones coming to a whopping £1500. The latter is mostly used on bets where the outcome may be more predictable such as football as opposed to horse racing.

A lucky 15 consists of 15 bets, 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and an accumulator bet. It really is that simple but it does come with the added bonus of getting 10% added from many online bookies if you manage to choose all 4 winners.

It’s basically a Yankee bet plus 4 singles.

How do you win on a lucky 15?

  • You only need 1 winner to get a return
  • The more winners, the bets you get up
  • Bonuses are on offer to make choosing a lucky 15 a very good choice
  • Picking all 4 winners gives 15 separate bet winnings
  • Choosing 3 winners  gives 7 separate bet returns
  • picking 2 winners from 4 gives 4 separate bet returns.

Getting just 1 winner on a lucky 15 gets you a single win on that selection. However, with the best bonus for this bet, you will get 3 x the odds. This is a real game changer and will turn losers into winners, and save money by damage limitation, both keeping more cash in your pocket.

This makes a lucky 15 a wise choice when you have 4 horses, dogs, football matches, sports or pretty much anything you want to bet on.

How to work out a lucky 15 bet?

This can be a nightmare so it really is best to use the free lucky 15 calculator we made for this very reason. In short, you need to work out each single, every double, every treble, and the accumulator and add 10% so it will make your head hurt a bit.

Then if it’s each way you need to work all that part out too! Honestly, just don’t bother and use the lucky 15 bet calculator instead, or get our app which will be launching for iPhone and android within a matter of weeks!

Placing a lucky 15 bet is a good idea – more so if you use Betfred where you get 3 x the odds for 1 winner and 10% added for all 4 winners. This is a must for anyone who loves placing lucky 25 bets.