Blue Dolphin Slot Review

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Blue Dolphin by Amatic is a video slot title with a dolphin and deep sea theme to it. In terms of iconography, it uses card suits (K for King, Q for Queen, A for Ace, J for Jack, and 10) along with turtles, seashells, octopuses and the titular dolphin itself. If anything, the theme is more unique than most online slot games.


The 5-reel, 3-row, and 5-payline game works like any other video slots game. Mix and match the same symbols on the payline. Some only require 3-of-a-kind and above in order to give you a win. Others require 5-of-a-kind only in order to get you money or coins, usually the lower-paying card suits

Local squids and seashells get you up to 500 coins. Meanwhile, lobsters can earn you 800 coins, which is about the same amount of money you need to buy one. As for Angel Fish, getting a combo of them can give you 1,500 coins, which is about the same price as spotting giant turtles. The top prize available, as expected, is the Blue Dolphin symbol that can give you a fantastic 20,000 coins as a payout when push comes to shove. this isn’t just an exclusive Uk casino game it’s open to all like the casinos listed at this non english site

Bonus Rounds

The Crowns represent the Scatters of the game, so getting them will trigger instant wins numbering 20,000 coins or about the same as landing a Blue Dolphin combo. 3 or more Scatters, as per usual, will give you 15 Free Spins. During the Free Spins game, all payouts for the symbol combos will get 3x multipliers on every one of them.

During the initial Free Spin bonus, you can retrigger a respin, which means Free Spins can beget you Free Spins like a gift that keeps on giving. It’s also possible to get a 2x to 4x multiplier that doubles to quadruples your bets. Just make a correct prediction during the Gamble Mode and collect your earnings. A number of symbols give out wins even when you only get 2-of-a-kind of them on twin reels.

Pros and Cons

Swimming with beautiful blue dolphins isn’t something that excites everyone. Then again, an unusual premise like a plumber saving a princess from a dragon turtle or a hedgehog going really fast to defeat a mad scientist can end up with more mainstream popularity that you’d normally give it credit for.

Meanwhile, the 5 paylines might be viewed by hardcore gamers or video slots maniacs as inadequate even though the more paylines you have the more wins you need in order to break even and earn actual profit when push comes to shove.


The fishy premise of Blue Dolphin is unusual but not a deal-breaker. Even if you don’t care about marine life and dolphins, you should be able to appreciate the Blue Dolphin video slot by Amatic for its presentation, game design, addictive gameplay and the multiple bonuses on offer. Remember even the Bonus Rounds can trigger further bonus games or games within games in this exciting reel-on-reel action.

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