Treble Bet Explained

This is the treble bet explained as simply as we can. Some bet types can be hard to explain, especially to those who are new to betting or the World of small pens and high-street bookies!

A treble is a very common bet type, it’s easy to do and simple to work out. It’s basically 1 bet on 3 selections. Your winnings and stake roll on to the next selection, and any winnings and stake roll on to your 3 selections.

It’s an all-or-nothing bet so all 3 selections need to win to get a return. Or be placed if your treble is each way.

Treble Bet Example Winnings:

  • A £10 treble on 3 horses all win at 2/1
  • Selection 1: £10 on 2/1 = return of £30 (£20 win +£10 stake back)
  • Selection 2:£30 on 2/1 = return of £90 (£60 win + £30 stake back)
  • Selection 3: £90 on 2/1 = £270 return (£180 win + £90 stake back)

You can see why a treble is such a popular bet! £10 staked on 3 short odds horses/football/sports gives a big return.

Can I use a Treble Bet on Any Sports?

Yes, you can! Many people mix their sports on trebles. So if you wanted to have 1 selection on formula one, another on football and a third on a horse race then you can!

How to place a treble bet:

Online is the easiest way. Simply add your selections to your bet slip by clicking each thing you want to bet on. When you then look at your slip, tick the box that says “treble”, enter your stake and place the bet. We recommend William hill’s new offer of bet £10 get £30 in free bets.

How Place a Treble in the bookmakers?

A lot of the bookmakers have slips specifically for all types of bets. You can either search the walls to find one, but it’s easy to just grab a blank betting slip and write it out.

Write your 3 selections on the slip, including the time of racing. Add your stake and take it to the counter.

How to work out winnings on a treble?

Simple – use our free treble calculator – good luck!