Odds Converter, Convert Fractions, Decimal, American, Moneyline Odds

Bet Sharks have introduced this simple odds converter calculator, it quickly converts odds to and from decimal, fractions and American / Moneyline.

An essential odds conversion tool for those serious about betting on all sports, the odds conversion calculator is pretty straightforward to use, full instructions are below if needed.

How to use the Odds Converter Tool

We have made the conversion of odds on this calculator as easy as possible. Only 2 steps to follow and you have converted the odds you need.

  1. Simply enter the odds you have in the relevant box – either fractions, decimal or American Moneyline.
  2. Hit convert to see the odds in all formats.

Different Kinds of Odds Explained.

It can get quite confusing when odds are displayed differently than you may be used to. This is a common problem when betting on overseas markets, or using offshore bookmakers to place your bets.

Fractions – Most Common UK Betting Odds.

Fractional odds are what UK punters are used to using. Odds look familiar such as 3/1, 11/4 and so on. The fractional odds pretty much show you what you will win in profit, rather than in return.

So let’s say a £1 bet on a 3/1 winner means you get £3 back. You would also get your £1 stake back so the return would be £4

  • Less popular online now since the huge surge in betting around the World on many events.
  • Also known as “british odds” or “traditional odds”.

Decimal Odds  – Most Used in Europe, Commonplace around the World.

Decimal odds can be quite confusing, especially to those who are used to traditional fractional odds in UK bookmakers.

Decimal odds show the total amount of return on a bet placed.

Example – Bet £1 on decimal odds of 3.25 you would get £3.25 back in total.

More and more common since the invention of betting exchanges such as BetFair.

Will likely replace the fractional odds in all bookmakers at some point

Easy to use once you become familiar.

American Odds – also known as Moneyline Odds.

This is where it gets confusing if like me you are a traditional bettor from the Uk! I spent most of my youth in the bookies, and got high praise from teachers for my maths skills with odds and fractions 🙂

Moneyline or American odds are based on a single bet, with a single outcome. So pretty much what we know as a single bet!

If the moneyline odds are positive, it shows the amount you would win on a $100 bet.

If the moneyline odds are negative, it shows what you would need to bet to win $100.

Why they do it like this I have absolutely no idea. Most people who use the odds converter are looking to convert American/Moneyline odds!

  • Used by pretty much every US Bookmaker.
  • Annoying to the rest of the World.

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