At Bet Sharks we are constantly trying to make life easier. We develop betting apps for iPhones and android devices to ensure you have all the tools you need to be a winner!

Below is a selection of our betting apps. These include bet calculators to help you calculate winnings on all bet types such as accumulators and the ever-popular lucky 15.

If you have any ideas for betting, casino or online poker apps then please email us and let us know. We will do our best to help!!

The Bet Sharks Useful Betting Apps.

Simply follow the links below to find out more about our online betting apps. We are very open to suggestions and ideas to improve them so please let us have your feedback.

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The Bet Sharks Big Bet Calculator.

This app works out all the most popular types of bets available to bookmakers`. From singles, doubles, accumulators, yankees, lucky’s, round robins and a whole lot more.

If you love to bet, this is the app for you! More info and get our Bet Calculator app here.

Accumulator Calculator App.

One of the most popular bets not just in the UK, but Worldwide is the accumulator. Now you can work out your winnings easily on your smartphone using our accumulator calculator app.

Luck 15 Calculator App.

A great bet and ever popular but hard to work out winnings! Use this simple lucky 15 calculator app on your phone or tablet to see if you are a big winner. Works out both win and e/w lucky 15 bets. Find out more.

Lucky 31 Bet Calculator App.

As with the lucky 15 bet, the lucky 31 is pretty complex to work out winning. With 5 selections, hidden bonuses and 31 various bets in one your best to save your brain and use our lucky 31 bet calculator app.