Trixie Bet Calculator, Work Out Trixie Bet Winnings

The Bet Sharks Trixie Calculator helps you work out how much money you have won from your Trixie bet.

As with all our bet calculators it is free to use. We also have a Trixie Bet Calculator app available if you prefer to use that.

How to Use The Trixie Bet Calculator

  • Enter Your Stake in 1st Box – a £1 Trixie Would Cost £4
  • Enter The Odds for your 3 Selections
  • Check The Box if Your Bet is Each Way
  • Select Win/Lose or NR (Non-Runner)
  • If Your Trixie Bet is Each Way Select Odds for A Place 1/4 or 1/5th
  • Hot calculate to See How Much You Have Won!!

What is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie is a very simple bet containing 3 selections.  Your selections can be horses, greyhounds, football matches or pretty much anything you like.

A Trixie is made up of 4 x doubles and 1 x treble bet. You need 2 of your selections to win (or be placed if each way) to get a return on a Trixie bet.

How much you can win depends on the odds and number of winners from your chosen bets. Have a play with our Trixie Calculator to see what your returns could be.

Is a Trixie a Good Bet to Place?

Honestly? No it inst really a very good bet.

The bet the bookies don’t like is an each way double. That gives you a good idea that the e/w double is the best bet you can place as a punter to have the best chance of a winning return.

Alternatives to a Trixie Bet – Better Bet’s with 3 Selections.

  1. A Round Robin – A much better alternative to a Trixie with a higher chance of getting a return
  2. Patent – The same as a Trixie but also gives a return on a single winner as it includes 3 single bets along with the doubles and treble.
  3. A Lucky 15 – Choose another horse, dog or match and place a lucky 15. There is a much better chance of a return and much higher winnings.