Good day at the bookies, got your double bet up and want to know how much you have won? Use the double bet calculator below to calculate your winning for both win and each way (EW) double bets quickly and for free!

Working out how much your winnings are on a double bet are usually quite easy. However it does get more complicated depending on the amount stakes and crucially the odds of the winners.

The double bet explained and calculated.

Basically your stake goes on your first selection, if that wins then your wining plus the original stake roll over to your next selection. If your second selction wins, that’s it and it is time to collect!

Example of a double bet calculation 

£10 Double bet

1 x winner @ 4/1 – £10 x 4 = £40 + your £10 stake back = £50

1 x winner @7/2 which is 3 1/2 to 1  – £50 x 3 1/2 = £175 + the £50 stake back = £225

So you’ve won £225 in the example above.

Each way or EW double are slightly more complicated, if you choose 2 horse races and 1 wins and the other gets placed then you have the each way part of the bet up. If both your choices win you have both the win win and the each way bet up, so it’s happy days.

The EW double is 2 separate bets, your being on both selections to, but your betting on both selection to be placed also, that’s why it costs twice as much to put on than than a standard double i.e a £10 each way double costs £20.

Example of each way double bet calculation

£10 EW double = £20

1 x winner and