betfred lucky 63 bonus

5 X Odds For 1 Winner on Lucky 63 Bets + 25% Added for All 6 Winners

Grab 5 X the odds for 1 winners on Lucky 63 Bets at Bet Fred - Plus manage to pick all 6 winners and get a massive 25% added to your winnings.

Lucky 63 Calculator For Horse Racing and Football Bets

Welcome to the lucky 63 calculator for football and horse racing bet winnings. Designed for people who need to work out their lucky 63 bets both fast, and free. Working out a lucky 63 bet, and especially an each way lucky 63 is complicated, our lucky 63 calculator solves that problem.

You can work out both win and each way EW lucky 63 bets with the calculator, best of luck we hope you are a winner!

How to use the Lucky 63 Bet Calculator

  1. Select your stake amount and enter it in the 1st box
  2. Tick the each-way box if your bet is each way
  3. Add the price of each f your 6 selections
  4. choose win/lose/nr/placed from the drop-down box for each selection
  5. Hit calculate and that’s it!

For each way remember handicap races with 8 or more runners are 1/4 of the odds, and all other races are 1/5th of the odds.

A bit about lucky 63 bets

A lucky 63 is 63 bets as outlined below:

  • 6 x singles
  • 15 x doubles
  • 20 x trebles
  • 15 x four-fold accumulators
  • 6 x five-fold accumulators
  • 1 x six-fold accumulator

You do only need one winner to get something back. By betting online you can choose from bigger lucky 63 bonuses, and claim some bonus sign-up money as well.

The lucky 63 is most popular with horse racing and football, it is also often used for greyhounds or anything else you can bet on. If there are odds on it, you can add it to your lucky 63 betting slip.

The most popular stake for a lucky 63 is £31.50 which is a £0.50p stake per bet at 63 bets. That seems to be the average but it is used by bigger bettors and £10 lucky 63′s costing £630 or above are not uncommon.

The winnings can be phenomenal for getting 4, 5 or the coveted 6 winners.

A Lucky 63 is a great bet for covering yourself for an entire days racing in a single go.

The returns from a lucky 63 can be huge, getting all 6 winners although very difficult to do does offer you a mass payout, even if the odds are relatively small.

Example lucky 63 winning bet:

Let’s say you have all 6 winners all at 2/1, a modest odds for horse racing and could easily be 6 red hot favourites.

Bet placed = £1 Lucky 63 = £63

All 6 winners @ 2/1 = £4095

A great return for relatively low odds, make one of those selections 3/1 and it would have been £5119 so the increase in winnings by just a small increase in winning odds is quite dramatic.

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