Lucky 31 Calculator For Football and Horse Racing Bets

Use our Bet Sharks Lucky 31 Calculator to work out how much you have won on your lucky 31 bet. Popular for horse racing and football betting you can work out winning on both win and each way E/W Lucky 31 Bets using the calculator below.

Get x 4 Odds for 1 Winner + 20% Added for All 4 – See Best Lucky 31 Bonus

How to Use The Lucky 31 Calculator.

  • Enter your stake in the first box i.e £1 would be a total bet of £31
  • Check the box if your bet is each way lucky 31
  • Check the rule 4 and/ or dead heat boxes if they apply
  • Enter the odds for each selection, and use the drop-down box to choose win, lose, NR or dead heat
  • If it’s an each-way bet insert the fraction for a place i.e 1/4 or 1/5
  • Click calculate to see your returns.

What is a Lucky 31 Bet

A lucky 31 is a huge bet which can offer massive returns for a little stake.

Made up of 31 bets including singles, doubles, trebles, 4 folds, and a 5 selection accumulator.

A lucky 31 is a very popular bet in the Uk, it’s not as popular as its little brother the Lucky 15 which only has 4 selections. That said it is ideal when you have 5 selections or simply can’t decide which bet to leave out of your lucky 15. Why compromise when you can have them all?

This page of the Lucky 31 Bet Calculator will be updated shortly. After the update you’ll find everything you need to know about the Lucky 31 Including:

  • What bets are in a lucky 31
  • Lucky 31 Bet Bonuses
  • What happens with a non-runner in a Lucky 31
  • Rule 4 and the Lucky 31 Bet

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