European Betting Sites Vs UK Betting Sites

European betting sites

We live in a World where everything is so small now, I remember walking along the Harbour in Perth a few Years back and someone who lived about 50 yards away from me right here in Blighy walked passed the other way! All we did was say hello as if it was a normal occurrence!

The point behind that little story is that the World is a small place now, but for some reason we still stick to betting online with Bookmakers that have names and high street presence here in the UK.There is nothing Wrong with this but it does limit our opportunities to bet on other events, find bigger odds and claim new bonuses somewhat.

There are some excellent European betting sites out there, and some amazing ones which Cover the whole World. But should we use them to bet with real money online?

Reasons to stick to UK Bookies

Money is the main reason that we should stick to betting at names we know and trust. There is nothing wrong with probably 90% of online betting sites, but if that guestimate is right it leaves 10% that could leave you open to dishonesty, fraud or worse.

The recent changes made by the UK Gambling Commission mean that we can quickly and easily check the legitimacy of any bookmaker, casino, poker room or bingo site that operates and accepts UK customers. They NEED to be licensed and regulated by the UKGC to provide their services to us punters and take our money (or hopefully not).

The UKGC isn’t just a place that takes money in exchange for letting bookies take bets from UK residents. There role is crucial and audits are carried out, huge fines imposed and regulation in place to ensure we are treated fairly, that random number generators are up to date and honest, and that best practice is upheld.

My advice for what is it worth is to always check any betting site you want to sign up with has a UKGC license and is Regulated also. We only review and feature bookies and casinos that are and it just enforces that they are safe, honest and reputable.

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