Survey: Should Credit Cards be Banned For Online Gambling?

credit cards and gambling sites survey

The UKGC or to give it’s full title the UK gambling commission are considering banning credit cards for use at online gambling sites. There really are mixed opinions on this so we would like to get your options in this quick survey.

Should credit cards be banned from gambling sites?
Should credit cards be banned from gambling sites?

Our opinion

In all honesty I think they should be banned from online gambling sites. After all a “credit card” is credit and that means debt. Gambling in any form need to be done responsibly and within what’s affordable to each person.

No one should ever get into debt or financial trouble because of gambling at an online casino, poker site, bingo rooms or bookmakers that’s quite clear, unfortunately this does happen and it’s a sad state of affairs.

I don’t have an issue with it and don’t even own a credit card, there are plenty of other options available. At the same time if credit cards were banned those who still wanted to use them would easily find a way.

What’s next after credit cards?

We have seen a rise in payments to betting sites using boku recently, I imagine this will be under scrutiny very soon. Boku is a way of depositing money to casino or sportsbook and the amount gets charged to your mobile phone bill.

While this is a very good system and extremely convenient it does have its downside just like credit cards. Unless you are using a payg phone and have topped up enough credit to deposit to the gambling site, then your next Months bill could get out of control.

We have seen a lot more people checking out our boku betting sites page over the past 6 Months, this is a pointer to the methods popularity.

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