Accumulator Calculator For Football and Horse Racing Bets

Accumulator Calculator to work out your bet returns on a football Accumulator, horse Racing Bets and any sport where you can get odds on! The Accumulator Calculator is totally free to use. Now you can work out how much you have won, or might win simply by using our win and each way free acca calculator.

You can choose from 4 selections up to 10 using this calculator. 10 selections is a lot but there are plenty of punters who place 15 selections in their accumulator bets each and every weekend, so we try to cater for all.

How to use the accumulator calculator

  • Enter your stake in the first box
  • Choose each way,  NR or Rule 4 if any apply
  • Simply enter the odds of your selections in each box
  • Select Win/Lose/NR/Place for each
  • Hit calculate to see your winnings

The bet calculator is designed to be easy to use. We have up to 10 selections available on your accumulator bet which you can work out. If using a mobile device please use landscape mode for the best experience. Or get our accumulator app from iPhones and ipads.

How to work out accumulator bet winnings.

The obvious answer is to use the calculator above. But if you want to know how to do it yourself let’s take a look at a real-life accumulator bet.

With an accumulator, each bet is a new bet. If one lets you down its game over, and better luck next time.While this is often very disappointing and very common to be let down by just 1 selection, the cost of placing an accumulator is very low compared to potential returns.

This bet was placed by me not so long ago, it has 5 selections all were on horse races and all won.

  • Pick 1: 7/2
  • Pick 2: Evens
  • Pick 3: 2/1
  • Pick 4: 2/1
  • Pick 5: 3/1

The bet was a £5 accumulator so to start the calculation we take the first horse first.

  • Selection 1 won at 7/2 aka 3.5/1
  • Bet winnings = £17.50 + £5 stake back = £22.50
  • Selection 2 won at Even money
  • Calculation  = Stake from selection 1 = £22.50 on Even money = £22.50 + stake back = £45.00
  • Selection 3 won at 2/1
  • Calculation = Stake £45 rolled selection 2 – Win at 2/1 = £90 + £45 stake back – Total so far £135
  • Selection 4 won at 2/1
  • Calculation = £135 staked rolled from bet 3 on a 2/1 = £270 + £135 stake back = £405
  • Final selection won at 3/1
  • Final calculation = £405 on 3/1 = £1215 + stake back of £405 = Grand total of £1620

Not bad for a fiver! This is quite a rare occurrence however, not many accumulator bets come in that often, and for some unknown reason, it’s the choice you are most confident about that lets you down! Again just use our accumulator calculator to see how much you have won, or could win. you’ll be amazed at some of the returns you can get.

In the above bet, I actually won more (£343 more) as I claimed an accumulator bonus, I suggest everyone does the same. Why wouldn’t you want to win more on your accumulator bet?

Did you know you can get up to a 100% bonus on your accumulator bets?

The accumulator is an amazing bet. Big wins from small stakes, huge wins from average stakes and mind-blowing wins from big stakes.

Well, it’s true, YOU can! There is no better place to fill out your accumulator betting slip than with the infamous Irish bookmakers.

Paddy Power is where accumulator bets are rewarded like nowhere else.

The bonuses are available on football accumulators only and apply to English Premier League, English Championship, English League 1, English League 2, FA Cup, Scottish Premiership, Spanish Primera Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa League and International Friendly matches.

Extras based on the number of selections

  • 4 selections = 10% bonus
  • 5 selections = 15% Bonus
  • 6 selections = 20% Bonus
  • 7 Selections = 30% Bonus
  • 8 Selections = 40% Bonus
  • 9 Selections = 50% Bonus
  • 10 Selections = 60% bonus
  • 11 Selections = 70% Bonus
  • 12 Selections = 80% Bonus
  • 13 Selections = 90% Bonus
  • 14 or more Selections = 100% Bonus

As an example let’s put a £10 accumulator on with 10 selections all at even money:

  • You would be the winner of £10240
  • Add a paddy power bonus of £7440
  • Total Win = £17680!!!!

That’s why if you can afford to lose a tenner at a weekend, putting a big football accumulator on at paddy power might just change your life. What would you do? Get a new car, pay some of the mortgage off, have a great holiday, and spend it on booze and strippers, the choice is yours.

See all accumulator bookmaker bonuses here and take your pick of one that suits you the most.

Is an Accumulator a good bet?

Hell YEAH! It’s one of the very best bets around, there really is nothing as exciting as waiting for the final whistle to blow in your last game, or watching your last horse race to hope to get your accumulator bet up!

Many, many people have had accumulator bets win and thousands do every week. Just about everyone has had that feeling of being let down by 1 team or 1 horse but that’s what makes the bet great.

An Accumulator covers you for bets for as long as you want. Often an entire day’s football for little cost, and has the potential of huge winnings.

Best of luck on your accumulator bets, let us know if you get a big win, and we can showcase you on the betsharks site in all your glory!

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