bet calculatorBet Calculator for Horse Racing and Football Bets

The Bet Sharks Bet Calculator for horse racing and football bets primarily. However you can use the calculator to work out your winnings, or possible returns for free on any sporting occasion.

You can use the free bet calculator here, or get the bet calculator iphone app for working things out on the move. No matter what you want, if you need to know how much you have win fro your bet, you can work it out here. We aim to help you to work out exactly how much you have won from your bet.

Some bets are very complicated and working them out takes the skills of a mathematical genus. Try doing it when your excited, or had a few pints while watching the racing makes a difficult calculation, almost impossible.

No matter if its a lucky 15, lucky 31, lucky 63, a simple accumulator bet, round robin, treble, Heinz, super Heinz, union jack, flag bets or something even more complex you can calculate your returns here, or you’ll find a link to it below. All the betting calculators are totally free to use and you can use them as often as you like, good luck!

Free Betting Calculators:

Football Betting Calculator

football betting calculatorYou can use the above as a football betting calculator to work out how much you have won on a variety of football bets. Choose from doubles, trebles, lucky 15, 31, 63, yankees and as a Football betting calculator accumulator bets are the most common type of bet punters want to work out.

The most common bets placed on football are still straight wins on one team to beat another. Closely followed by doubles, trebles and then the infamous football accumulator bet. The football acca bets popularity is still on the increase. Because a football accumulator is such low cost compared to the huge potential payout, the bet is very popular with footy fans around the World.

Free Horse Racing Bet Calculator

free horse racing bet calculatorThe Bet Sharks bet calculator is focused and will always be a free horse racing bet calculator. We have introduced many of the most popular horse racing bets and continue to add more. Working out winning using the free bet calculator is easy, much easier than using a standard calculator, or god forbid a pen and paper!

Multiple bets are very common in horse racing as they offer bigger returns, for smaller stakes. While these bets are a useful alternative to standard betting at the bookies, they do take some working out. With many bets having 50+ multiple bets rolled on to one slip, the calculator is a must have tool for working out how much you have wi from your bet.

Old Free Bet Calculator

We have replaced the old free bet calculator with this new and improved version. We hope you enjoy the newest version but we would love to hear your feedback. Please get intouch if you would like to see any features added or removed.

We will be updating the bet calculator to not only improve performance, but also to add more bet types.

We are releasing some downloadable apps for android and iOS, so please keep checking back to see what you have won and work it out quickly, and easily.

If you like the betting calculators we have listed please share with your friends and fellow bettors. The more people that use them the happier we are and helps us keep motivated to improving the overall user experience.

Bookmaker Bet Calculators

Many bookies have their own bet calculator which you can use for free just like the one above from Bet Sharks. The problem is they just aren’t up to the job! The bookies don’t make money from their calculators so aren’t very interested in making them great!

William Hill Bet Calculator

Not a bad bet calculator on the whole. Not easy to find as William Hill are busy with their bet promotions and actually takes bets instead!

William Hill Bookmaker
William Hill an English bookmaking institution on the high street brings their online bookies to your home.

Betfred Bet Calculator

Again Betfred and super busy, they are known as the bonus king and not the bet calculator king. Whilst they are an amazing online bookmaker and our best choice for pretty much all bets. Their calculator lets them down a little.

Bet Fred is the number one choice for online bookies. A true UK bookmaker who offers customers new and old a lot more than...

Ladbrokes Betting Calculator

To be entirely honest this isn’t even worth a look. It’s poorly made and badly designed. Ladbrokes are far from friends of ours we have had issues with them in the past. That said, they have at least made a bet calculator to help people work out their bets.

They are also a very well-known bookmaker, and one we used to use a lot. Things have changed quite a bit at Ladbrokes, but their betting calculator never has.

BoyleSports Bet calculator

Boyle Sports bet calculator is very good. The design however is very old-fashioned but it’s still very usable if a little slow.

An amazing bookmaker who looks after the punters more than most. While they do lack a bit in bonuses and promotions, betting tools such as their calculator have been around a long time, and are used daily by tens if thousands of punters – Well done BoyleSports.

Bet Calculator Paddy Power

The Irish bookmaking giants have a bet calculator punters can use who place a bet there. Again as with all the above, they don’t seem to have the time to make a great one. They do however make great adverts, pull outrageous stunts and will tell you how much you have won when you win, or when you place the bet.

Overall well done paddy power, your bet calculator is okay.

TitanBet Bet Calculator

TitanBet are an amazing online bookmaker. they offer a lot more than you will find anywhere else, they don’t have a bet calculator that you can use to work out winnings, and potential winnings, or to help you decide which bet to place.

So while we love TitanBet who are one of the very few Boku betting sites, you can’t use a calculator, as it doesn’t yet exist.

titan bet bookmaker

Get £50 in free Bets

Titan Sports Bookmakers are a breath of fresh air, they are very rewarding and offer a whole host of sports to bet on - Mo...