Bet Fred Lucky 15 Bonus

The Bet Fred Lucky 15 Bonus is a must-have for anyone and everyone who places a lucky 15 bet.

No matter how you want to phrase it, triple, x3 or treble. The fact is the best lucky 15 bonus available anywhere is treble the odds for 1 winner at Known as the Bonus King, Bet Fred loves lucky 15 bets as much as we do! Get rewarded with 3 x the odds when you get just 1 winner on your lucky 15 bet.

This offer is never to be missed. This will literally save you hundreds if not thousands a Year simply by placing your bets at BetFred.

How Does it Work?

This promotion is available all day, every day on ALL UK and Irish horse racing, greyhound racing and Virtual horse and greyhounds too!

It really is simple and it happens to us all quite a lot! Although when we all pick our 4 lucky 15 selections we get that feeling of amazement and anticipation.  We are sure there all going to win and nothing could possibly go wrong!!

However more often than not we get just 1 winner, but with the BetFred 3 x odds deal chances are you could easily break even, do damage limitation at worst, or even turn the 1 winner into a profit thanks to the odds being trebled!

How to Claim Treble Odds on Lucky 15 Bets.

Don’t worry it’s easy to get treble the odds on your lucky 15 bet. You don’t need to claim it as such. Simply open an account at Betfred and place a Lucky 15 Bet.

When your last selection has run your bet will be settled instantly. If you have only 1 winner, it’s automatically given at 3 x the odds.

In some circumstances, it can be better to get one winner than 2 with Betfred. Check out how much you can win using our lucky 15 calculator.