7th march 2018 Lucky 15 Best Bets

todays best lucky 15 tips

Today isn’t bad for choosing 4 winners to place on a lucky 15 bet. Although the 3 o’clock at Lingfield has me torn between 2 horses and i’m sure i’ll pick the wrong one!!

Please remember these aren’t tip, they are just what I am betting o today. From the last 4 posts on betsharks we have had 1 winner in 3 lucky 15 bets, one day I backed 6 runners £10 win each and had 3 winners, 1 non runner and 2 placed so my luck isn’t out as such, it’s just knocking on the door!

Todays top 4 selections

  • 3pm Lingfield: Marietta Robusti
  • 3.30pm Lingfield: De Medici
  • 5pm Lingfield: Mambo Dancer
  • 6.10pm Kempton: Check’em Tuesday

lets see how we get on today. Quietly confident would be the way to describe my thoughts. However I must again emphasize that placing a lucky 15 at the right bookies is the most important factor.

Make sure you get the best possible chance of a bigger return, and treble odds for 1 winner. This makes things much better for those many, many times when only 1 selection comes in.

bet fred lucky 15 bonus

Treble Odds for 1 Winner + 10% Extra For All 4

Bet Fred is the best online bookmaker for Lucky 15 Bets. Get an unbeatable 3 x odds for 1 winner and 10% added for picking all 4.

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