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The BetSharks Blog 21-05-2018

Transparency on Bookies Offers

A lot of people will have noticed big changes on literally thousands of websites that promote, review or discuss betting signup offers. It isn’t coincidence that everyone has been doing […]

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The BetSharks Blog 13-04-2014

How Brendan Rogers Has Transformed Liverpool and Managing as we Knew it.

Many, many people and not just fans of Liverpool will have watch the documentary following Brendan Rogers behind the scenes at Anfield in “being Liverpool”. I’ll be the first to […]

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The BetSharks Blog 18-03-2014

Top 5 Paddy Power Funny Adverts Banned From TV

With Cheltenham 2014 already a distant memory we thought it nice to look back on the festival and tip our hats to the good folks at paddy power for yet […]

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