How Brendan Rogers Has Transformed Liverpool and Managing as we Knew it.


Many, many people and not just fans of Liverpool will have watch the documentary following Brendan Rogers behind the scenes at Anfield in “being Liverpool”.

I’ll be the first to admit I simply didn’t like this new style of managing and was expecting a disaster from a Team who have never really been able to repeat the success of the 1980’s. Yet I was wrong as were most as Rogers has transformed Liverpool into true title challengers, a team unrecognizable from just a few Years ago, and a team with a future, with aspiration and dreams of lifting titles.

Throughout the 6 part documentary Rogers was calm, cool, and with an attitude not seen in premiership football before (at least not on TV like this). It was a strange managerial style and something that seemed set for failure.

Was this just another strange way of doing the same over again, was it the latest fad in some weird American management strategy that Rogers was to perform on behalf of the new owner?

The internet was alight with critics, many laughing at Brendan Rogers style, his touchy feely approach to football, and footballers was never going to work…… How wrong those comments were!!

Some amazing Brendan Rogers Quotes.

“I’ve always worked along the statistic, that if you can dominate the game with the ball you have a 79% chance of winning a game of football.”

”We play with 11 men, other teams play with 10 men and a goalkeeper.”

Love em or hate em Liverpool mean Business

Liverpool are a great team, no one can deny that and i’m sure you have noticed more and more youngsters starting to wear the Liverpool kits, a refreshing chance from seeing Man Utd strips everywhere for the past 10+ years.

Liverpool have a real shot at the premiership title and the decider could be played today against Man City, (Liverpool Vs Man City Betting). With Gerrard back after missing the last game against City it really could make all the difference.

If it’s not 2014 when the scousers win the title, then expect it to be 2015. That’s as long as Suarez stays around and Liverpool can manage to keep the biting striker under control.

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