Top 5 Paddy Power Funny Adverts Banned From TV

With Cheltenham 2014 already a distant memory we thought it nice to look back on the festival and tip our hats to the good folks at paddy power for yet more controversy, mischief and pranks including their best ads and banned TV advertisements so far…. I’m sure there are many more to come!

Huge Hollywood Style Paddy Power Sign at Cheltenham.

This was one of their best ever stunts at Cheltenham a few Years back which definitely got them noticed, especially by the Tewkesbury Borough Council who said they did not have planning permission and had to remove it!

Blind Footballer Kicking a Cat.

Possibly Paddy Powers best known advert, this cheeky little number had the title of the most complained about advert in 2010, can you see why?

Paddy Power Clearing out the Chavs from Cheltenham.

After Royal Ascot was portrait in the media as being a bit of a chav-fest and to be honest it really was that Year! Paddy Power were making sure it wasn’t going to effect the style and grace associated with the Cheltenham festival. This ad was banned after just a few days of broadcasting.

It’s Ladies day, or is it? Spot the Stallions from the Mares!

Another classic from Paddy Powers genus pr department was this transgender advert getting punters to spot the stallions from the mares at Chelteham Festival.

The Uffington White Horse Paddy Power Style!

One of the UK’s most famous landmarks is the Uffington white horse, a 3000 Year old creation. On the run up to Cheltenham in 2012 Paddy Power gave it a jockey!

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