Transparency on Bookies Offers

A lot of people will have noticed big changes on literally thousands of websites that promote, review or discuss betting signup offers. It isn’t coincidence that everyone has been doing the same thing, it’s some new legislation from the UK gambling commission that is making things clearer.

An example of the changes everyone is having to make can be seen right here on Betsharks. All websites MUST display an 18+ logo, we must show the main t&c’s relating to any bonuses or offers, and we MUST provide a link to on our website.

There has been a bit of a backlash from many website owners who feel a bit put out by having to do a lot of work to keep the commission happy. The thing is that it’s a good move, and one which is making bonus offers and promotions clearer for punters.

confusing bonus offersDo you really know what bonus you’re getting?

How many people actually take the time to read the terms and conditions attached to bookmakers, casino or poker site offers? Not many!

The UKGC decided that people were being led astray somewhat by big bold text saying “£30 Free Bet” when infact there were so many t&c’s attached to the promotion that actually getting your free bets became hard work.

The new rules make it clear that if we or any other website is letting you know about a bonus, promotion, or free bet that the main terms are shown. Knowing exactly what you get, and how to get it before you sign up can only be a good thing.

Example of the new rules:

Let’s say a bookie was offering you a £30 free bet, we would let you know the following as an example.

“£30 free Bet When you deposit & Spend £10”

“Main t&c’s 18+ Only, open to new customers only. 1 Bonus per household, Maximum win from free bets is £50, player must deposit and spend £10 on a bet with odds of evens or greater.”

See how that’s a lot clearer and you know what you need to do ie: deposit and bet £10 on something with odds of evens or more. You also know your maximum win from the free bets would be £50 so you could bet wisely and not stick £30 on a 10/1 show because that would be futile!

We are still making some changed to be fully compliant with the UKGC guidelines so expect more changes to Betsharks in the coming weeks. The lesson here really is to always check the t&c’s, but if like most people you skim them, just read the important terms highlighted on the review, blog or website you have found the offer on.

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