Which is Better Lucky 15 or Yankee, Yankee Vs Lucky 15 Bet

lucky 15 vs yankee

A very common question we receive is, which is better a lucky 15 or Yankee. While there are many arguments and discussions between punters the answer in our opinion is very, very simple

A Lucky 15 is 15 bets: 4 x singles, 6 x doubles, 4 x trebles and a four fold accumulator.

A Yankee is 11 bets as above without the singles.

So even though a Yankee is cheaper to place, the lack of singles means you need at least 2 winners to get a return on your bet.

Lucky 15 Vs Yankee, The Deciding Factor

The Lucky 15 bonus is what makes all the difference here. You get 3 x the odds for 1 winner on a lucky 15. This makes it an absolute no brainier and the lucky 15 is the best bet to place, it far outweighs the Yankee.

Lets look at exactly why:

  • It costs £15 to place a £1 lucky 15.
  • It costs £11 to place a £1 Yankee.
  • The difference therefor is £4 in this example.

The fact that getting on winner is very common, and the fact that you won’t get paid on a Yankee for 1 winner is reason enough to choose a lucky 15 over a Yankee. But factor in the lucky 15 bonus below.

Lets say you get 1 winner on every lucky 15 or Yankee you place. This is much more common than having no winners!

With low average odds of 3/1 you would get a return of £10 with your lucky 15 with the special bonus. 3 x the odds for winner so your 36 up with a lucky 15 after factoring the extra cost of placing it.

As the price difference on a £1 lucky 15 against a Yankee is only £4 your as well placing the lucky fifteen bet every time. It pretty much means that getting just 1 winner every 2 1/2 times you place either of these bets it equals itself out.

Obviously when you get 2 winners your yankee will get a return on 1 double. But your lucky 15 will get the same + 2 x singles, again making it better.

Just make sure you place the bet at the right place and get the best promotion. It really ids that simple – the Lucky 15 is Better!

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