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3 Card Brag at William Hill

3 card brag
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3 Card Brag at William Hill Features

  • Online 3 Card Brag Version
  • Deposit £10 Play with £40
  • Get Free Spins Everyday
  • Homw of the Daily Drop Jackpot

3 Card Brag at William Hill Basics

  • Game Type : Table Card Games
  • Software : WH Vgeas

play 3 card brag onlineUnfortunately this isn’t like the game you play in the pub or with our mates over a few pints. In fact it’s more like 3 card poker than 3 card brag, but it is great fun and well worth having a go.

As in 3 card brag a prial is the highest hand. A run is higher than a flush.

3 Card Grab is a specialty game found in the William Hill VEGAS section of the website.

Tip: Play the pair plus bet!

Getting a prial pays 5/1, but play the bonus bet and it suddenly pays 40/1.

Ante Bonus Payouts Bonus Plus Payout
Prial pays 5 to 1 Prial pays 40 to 1
Running Flush pays 4 to 1 Running Flush pays 30 to 1
Run pays 1 to 1 Run pays 6 to 1

You can see why always playing the bonus bet is a smart move, Strategy wise it increases your odds of winning at online 3 card brag, and that’s always a good thing!

William Hill Vegas is a step up from even William Hills normal casino offering. Games like this 3 card brag version are an excellent alternative to boring poker versions and definitely worth a look. Deposit just £10 – Play With £40 Now.