It’s a shame you even have to question if a website is genuine and above board, but if you are signing up to play online bingo for real money you must ask if the site is safe, secure and honest. This guide aims to put your mind at rest and answer the question: is online bingo safe, honest and fair to players?

We aim to offer advice to help you choose a secure bingo site to enjoy real games, for real money without any problems. We also have a comprehensive online bingo faqs page where you can find many more answers to the most common questions and concerns.

In general online bingo is very safe, secure and hassle-free. With that said where money is changing hands, there is always someone or something out to take advantage of people so being a little more internet savvy is a good thing!

How to choose a safe, secure online bingo Site

Bingo is gambling, it might be a much more relaxed and friendly affair when compared to poker or casino action, but it’s gambling nonetheless. When gambling is concerned online you need to check if the bingo site you are playing, or about to start playing at is licensed and regulated, tested for fairness.

You can check our top 5 UK bingo sites as we have done all the below checks already or read on for some helpful tips.