Welcome to the Live UK Poker Tournaments section of BetSharks where you can use our simple tournament calendar to see which live poker games you want to take part in. Live poker in the UK is still booming and new players are getting involved at every event. The prize pools can be huge and the play is extremely competitive. If you have never played a live tournament before, now is the time to start!

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What’s it like at a live UK poker tournament?

Many people really don’t know what to expect when they attend a live poker tournament and many are a little wary of taking part. The good news is there is nothing to be worried about whatsoever.

Live poker tournaments are teat fun, very social and full of colourful characters. Newer players are welcomed with open arms, after all the more players there are, the more prize money there is, and the more money people can win.

If you’re used to playing online the biggest difference is the speed of the game itself. Obviously shuffling and dealing takes longer than it does when a computer has the cards, but it still goes by pretty quickly and you won’t get bored… You should be paying attention at all times, not just when you’re involved.