What is a Double Bet in Football?

what is a double bet in football?Placing a double bet in football is common practice, lets answer the question of what is a double bet in football? Firstly this is a very common type of bet, and a very clever choice. A double bet on any sports or races is great bet, it is very easy to do and give a good return for only 2 winning selections.

Double Bet Basics

  • A double is placed on 2 selections
  • If your first selection win, those winnings plus your stake back roll on to your next selection
  • If your 2nd selection wins – You collect your winnings with a smile on your face

Example double bet

  • Man Utd to Beat Newcastle – 2/1
  • Man City to beat Arsenal – Events
  • A £10 double costs £10

Results are in:

  • Man Utd won!
  • £10 on 2/1 = £20 win + your £10 stake back = £30
  • Man City Won!
  • £30 (rolled from 1st selection) on evens = £60 + £30 stake back = £90

Obviously you won’t get those odds for  those matches, that would be way too good. However it shows the simple breakdown of what a double bet in football is.

Bookies Don’t like each way double bets!

A double bet on any sports or races is great bet, an each way double however is the bet the bookmakers don’t like. More each way double bets are paid out than any other, the cost to place them is small, while returns can be quite high.

Each way doubles aren’t used very often for predicting the winners of 2 football matches, the odds are too low to justify the each way part of the bet.

Examples of better odds bets in football

  • First goal scorer
  • Number of red cards
  • Number of corners
  • Exact score predictions

The thing with each way football bets, and EW double bets in general is you need the odds to be high enough to still give a return if you get the “place” part of the bet up.

There is no each way part of predicting scores, red cards or the number of corners. Stick to horse racing or sports where there is a outcome where your selection can finish 1st,2nd or 3rd and you can get a 1/4 or a 1/5th of the odds.


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