We all like to bet right? One of the biggest advantages to betting online is the vast choice of betting bonuses available, this means free cash or special offers for YOU to take advantage of.

The online bookies want YOU! It really is that simple, and to get you to join them they are willing to pay for the privilege. This gives us all a unique opportunity to pick and choose where we want to bet online and the ability to change quickly to take advantage of a special promotion, bonus or offer.

Below is our selection of the best available for you to choose from or read the extensive reviews.

Being loyal to online bookies might be better for you!

Betting on football, horse racing, darts or anything is awesome! We all know that…. but unlike any other form of online gambling (with the exception of bingo) it may be best to choose one online bookie, stay loyal, and ignore the free bet offers.

Although you can benefit from sign-up bonuses and promotions with all of the top bookmakers, you will be rewarded with better odds and loyalty from a select few. If you are a winning punter why would you want a free £10 bet when you get get the best odds guaranteed, which in the long run is going to make you richer than any free bet offer ever will.

This whole concept is a contradiction of what his page was about “claiming bookies bonuses” but, it’s each to their own. Our words of wisdom are quite simple, ask yourself what’s more important to you. Guaranteed best odds for horse racing or football, or a £50 free bet from Ladbrokes?