Lucky 15 Strategy, Tips for Lucky 15 Bets

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Here’s a bit of lucky 15 strategy and a couple of tips for lucky 15 bets to ensure you get the best possible return, and chance of winning.

As you’ll probably know a lucky 15 is made of of 4 selections. Commonly these are horse racing or greyhounds, but can be anything at all.

Lucky 15 Tip 1

This is simple and the first thing anyone should do. Stop being an idiot and place your lucky 15’s over at bet fred.

At betfred you get treble the odds for 1 winner, this makes a whole World of difference and is a real game changer. Read more about this bonus here.

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It takes literally 2 mins to sign up, and will save you money at worst, make you money at best!

Tip Number 2

Ignore the prices!! Don’t let the price of your horses influence your decision. The horse doesn’t know what price it is, and if you believe it’s a winner for that race, then include it in your lucky 15.

There is nothing worse than changing your mind based on price only to watch it win! None of this is really lucky 15 strategy, it’s more common sense.

Pick your best 4 bets for the day and stick to it, no matter what price they are!

Tip Number 3

Never bet what you can’t afford t lose! I know this is just common sense, but gamblers in general have a tendency to stretch themselves and try to chase what they have lost.

We at betsharks place a lucky 15 bet each and every day. It’s out daily bet. If we win…Great!! If we lose… Ah well maybe tomorrow!

Always bet within your budget and don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose. No winner is guaranteed so just have fun.

Don’t for get to check out our lucky 15 calculator to see what you have won, or could win.

But most important, take 2 mins and complete tip number 1. It has saved/made us thousands throughout the Year.

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