What is a Forecast Bet? How to use it and When you Win

A forecast is a simple bet most popular when betting on greyhounds, or horse racing.

To place a forecast you need to choose 2 selections in the same race or event to finish 1st and second. essentially predicting the winner and runner-up.

You can place an amount you want on a forecast and the odds are determined by the bookmaker and based on the individual odds of each of your 2 selections.

When placing a forecast your selections must finish in the order you have chosen them unless you do a reverse forecast (see below). You place the bet on a normal slip written as shown in the image. A lot of bookies have special forecast betting slips you can use if you like, but it’s just as easy if not easier to just write it yourself.

As in the example, image 1 must come 1st and 6 must come 2nd for the bet to win, it’s widely known as a straight forecast.

What is a reverse Forecast?

An each way (e/w) forecast lets your 2 selections finish 1st or 2nd any way around. So if you picked A & B but B won and A was second you still win.

A reverse forecast is an excellent bet when you can’t quite decide between 2 selections, it costs double a straight forecast would i.e a £5 reverse forecast = £10

We use these mostly for greyhounds and the forecasts pay quite a lot more than just picking the winner so it’s well worth a go.

It’s great fun watching the greyhound racing and picking forecasts on each race. I’m sure you’ve seen the guys in the bookies from early on, way before the horse racing begins betting every 15 to 20 mins and that’s what they are doing….. Betting on the dogs.

Forecast Facts

  • The most popular use for a forecast is greyhound racing
  • The most popular selections on a forecast are traps 1 and trap 6
  • The average forecast bet is just £1 – but many bet much, much bigger.
  • Forecasts are NOT a sensible bet to place and the bookies like you placing them.
  • Forecasts are great fun, especially on the dogs, keep em’ cheap and just enjoy.