GUKPT 2018, Full Tournament Schedules and Information

gukpt poker scheduleThe GUKPT 2018 is set to be yet another fantastic series of live poker tournaments throughout the UK. Brought to us by Grosvenor Casinos, the GUKPT is the longest-running Live UK Poker Tournament Series.

The tournaments take place over a period of approx a week depending on which location/venue you choose to play. With side events and satellites leading up to the highly coveted GUKPT 2018 Main Events.

For those who have never played a gukpt tournament, or ever set foot into live events at any Grosvenor casino, we highly recommend you start now.

The GUKPT hosts 9 events across the UK in Grosvenor casinos. Venues include London, Blackpool, Manchester, Luton, Edinburgh and more. If you are new to poker or a seasoned pro the GUKPT has something for everyone.

The full list of venues and events is below. Simply choose an event and click “full schedule” to see the full list of events, side games, satellites along with full blind structures, and the important main event info.

GUKPT 2018 Full Schedule

Please see the listing below for the GUKPT 2018 tournaments and dates. Clicking the links takes you to the full schedule for each venue. Here you can see the side events and of course the main event. All start times, starting chips, and blind structures are revealed.

  • Leg 1: GUKPT London 28th January – 4th Feb 2018 – Full Schedule
  • Leg 2: GUKPT Manchester – 25th Feb  to 4th March 2018 – Full Schedule
  • Leg 3: GUKPT Edinburgh – 22nd April to 29th April 2018 – Full Schedule
  • Leg 4: GUKPT Reading – 3rd June to 10th June 2018 – Full Schedule
  • Leg 5: GUKPT London 500 – 1st July to 8th July 2018 – Full Schedule
  • Leg 6: GUKPT Leeds: 9th September to 16th September 2018 – Full Schedule
  • Leg 7: GUKPT Luton: 7th October to 14th October 2018 – Full Schedule
  • Leg 8: GUKPT Blackpool 4th November to 11th November 2018 – Full Schedule
  • Leg 9: GUKPT Grand Final London – 18th November to 25th November 2018 – Full Schedule

Looking for all major live UK poker tournaments? Please see our live poker calendar.

Qualify For The GUKPT 2018 Online

Qualifying online for the GUKPT 2018 main events is a lot easier and more cost-effective than just forking out £1000+.

Take part in online satellites and qualifiers for all the GUKPT tournaments online at Grosvenor Poker. This is the online poker site run by Grosvenor casinos, the big name we all know and trust.

The online poker tables here are mainly occupied by UK players, most are trying to win a seat to the gukpt main events. Many however keep the cash games flowing at all levels. It’s well worth trying to qualify for a main event seat for low cost, or even free via freeroll games laid on by Grosvenor.